An Institute on Supporting Students with IEPs

Wednesday, October 7, to Friday, October 9, 2020
Institute will be offered virtually through Zoom.

Grade: K-8
Featuring: Jessica Greiss and Janet Steinberg, with Colleen Cruz
Payment: Purchase orders for this institute can be made out to: Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, 525 W 120th Street, Box 77, New York, NY 10027

In 1997 the Education for all Handicapped Children Act became the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. When this occurred, in addition to the more appropriate and accurate name, one of the key amendments was the insistence that students with disabilities have a legal right to the same curriculum as their non-disabled peers. Since that time, educators across the country have strived to meet that challenge, made ever more complex by the steadily rising standards and content knowledge expectations. This institute aims to support you and your colleagues in this quest.

The presenters at this institute will tap their deep knowledge of the workshop model, and its inherent flexibility and dedication to individualized instruction, and share strategies and plans for applying those methods to support your students with IEPs. You will explore the ways workshop teachers can lean on common workshop scaffolds and tools such as paper choice, peer talk, emphasis on writing and reading process and student-led goal setting so that students make exponential growth.

You’ll learn how whole-class read alouds and shared writing can help ensure all students have access to the grade-level curriculum. You’ll see demonstrations of shared reading and interactive writing and get tips for how to use these methods in small groups that engage students with meaningful work and that help you target their individual goals. You’ll also see ways that digital tools such as dictation apps and audio books can be seamlessly integrated into the classroom to offer unobtrusive support and remove instructional obstacles. And, you’ll hear the Project’s latest thinking about lean, engaging phonics small groups that provide repeated practice with key phonics principles within the context of reading and writing workshops.

Additionally you will look at systemic moves individual classrooms and entire schools can make to better ensure that students have cohesive and strengths-based literacy instruction. Time will be spent exploring moves classroom teachers can make to support transference of skills taught by service providers and vice versa, ways to communicate efficiently and effectively with colleagues, and strategies for tapping students’ funds of knowledge.

This institute is designed for classroom teachers, whether in a self-contained special education setting, team teaching, or general education classroom with students who have special education teachers pushing in or pulling out. It aims to leave you with armfuls of strategies, tools, plans and ideas, while tapping into technology as a resource to fuel your literacy work with students for the rest of the year and in the years to come.


$650/$600 NYC DOE


This institute will be offered online, in real-time via Zoom, and will not be recorded for later distribution. We will accept attendees until the institute has reached capacity.