Digital Nonfiction Reading, Writing, and Notetaking Institute

Wednesday, May 19, 2021, to Friday, May 21, 2021
Institute will be offered virtually through Zoom.

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Grade: K-8
Hours: 11am-5pm Eastern Standard Time
Featuring: Colleen Cruz, Lizzie Hetzer, and Katy Wischow
Payment: Purchase orders for this institute can be made out to: Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, 525 W 120th Street, Box 77, New York, NY 10027

This is an all-new institute that will bring together the Project’s newest thinking around digital literacy with our latest work on research and nonfiction reading and writing. You’ll learn methods for authentically using digital tools and media within both online teaching and brick-and-mortar environments, to develop digitally literate students who can navigate comfortably between different forms of media.

You’ll learn effective ways to use multimodal texts to teach important nonfiction skills and deepen comprehension, and ways that different digital tools can support those aims. You’ll also learn about the research around the different ways our brains comprehend digital and analog texts, considering when different kinds of texts will be most helpful.

An important emphasis during the institute will be media literacy and criticism. You’ll learn ways to empower students to raise questions about the media they consume, and to thoughtfully consider answers to those questions. In a world where students are exposed to near-constant advertisement, digital news, social media posts, visual images, and more, it’s become a crucial skill to be able to view those texts with a critical eye and make choices about what they pay attention to. Then, too, it’s important that students see themselves as creators, not just consumers, of digital media, and have a growing confidence in their ability to navigate the ins and outs of digital reading and writing.You’ll learn how to support students with this critical work.

You’ll walk away from this institute having experienced and reflected on your own digital research and notetaking — what works for you and what doesn’t. You’ll also have a toolbox of new strategies and tips to bring back to your school communities, and you’ll be ready to put those ideas into action. We can’t wait to share the best of previous year’s institutes, as well as our newest thinking, with you.


$650/$600 NYC DOE


This institute will be offered online, in real-time via Zoom, and will not be recorded for later distribution. We will accept attendees until the institute has reached capacity.