Our Results

The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University works with thousands of classrooms and schools around the nation and around the world. Educators at Project schools observe the progress and performance of their students through many lenses. Reading assessments, performance assessments, and on-demand assessments measure growth in reading levels; higher-level, text-based thinking; and writing.

Large Scale Test Results: New York City

At TCRWP, we also take note of state testing results. In the New York City report below, we examine results in the many New York City public schools where we work, following the progress of approximately 150,000 students across a range of demographics, including Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners: Click Here to View the Latest Report

  • Improved ELA performance for every groups of learners, including ELL/ESL students and Students with Disabilities
  • Strong performance in comparison to city and state averages
  • Strong performance in New York City’s highest needs schools

Large Scale Reading Growth in Primary Grades: New York City

Young readers in Project schools are hard at work long before the testing grades. Children in New York City public schools grow as readers across each year. This brief examination of thousands of reading assessments illustrates how increasing numbers of primary grade students meet and exceed the rising reading standards as the year wears on. Click Here to View the Latest Report

Other State-Specific Reports

TCRWP also tracks its results across the country. Click Here to See Sample State-Level Reports

Case Studies

Although system-wide data can be powerful, the stories of individual schools can equally revealing. In a series of case studies, TCRWP focuses a spotlight on schools from New York and across the country that have benefited from their long-term relationship with the Project: Click Here to See the Latest Case Studies

Success Stories

We are always proud to take note of schools in our family which have been singled out for special recognition. In a world where influencers and athletes can expect the adulation of the masses, it is all too rare for the thoughtful efforts of educators to be acknowledged. Click here to enjoy a few of these stories.